A Simple Share,A Sweet Candy

candy pocket

Share to earn platform based on Web3.0

CandyPocket Project Introduction

The world's first Metaverse sharing platform to receive income for free.The total number of candy is 2.1 billion All users mine and obtain it at zero cost.The starting price is 0.1usdt/piece
Rising once every 24h with a range of 0.001u-0.1u each time.

Technical features

Candy Node

Each mobile device will be a network node, each node will link new nodes, and ultimately form a Candy metauniverse, forming a global, de-centralized community.

INCENTIVE AGREEMENT of Candy Pocket Web3.0

The value of each flow would be entered the public pool of users. According to the contribution weight of the users, the corresponding Candy certificate would be obtained.

echnological revolution of WEB3.0

The content data is owned by users rather than controlled by the platform.Web3. 0 is delivering value and creating wealth.



Recommend 0-6 users
HashRate : 0.4B/h
Recommend 7-15 users
HashRate : 0.8B/h
Recommend 16-29 users
HashRate : 1.2B/h
Recommend >30 users
HashRate : 1.8B/h
For each recommended user, the computing power increases by 0.015B/h.

Node Income

initial node
Recommend 19-99 users 0.02B/hIncrease 0.02B/hper person within level 3
middle node
Recommend 100-199 users 0.02B/hIncrease 0.02B/hper person within level 4
High node
Recommend >200 users 0.02B/hIncrease 0.02B/hper person within level 5
Every 18 days of mining, the comprehensive computing power will increase by 10%.
The upper limit of single user income is B/h. after reaching the upper limit, no more income can be obtained.


Officially launched in the second quarter and started the first phase cost mining.
Phase I
Start NFT mining, all users register to receive NFT mining machine, and start zero cost mining
Phase II
When 1 billion candy pieces are produced, NFT mining will be stopped and C2C trading will be started;At the same time, the mining mode of defi pledge has a total output of 900 million pieces。 After C2C is opened, candy's initial opening price is 0.1usdt/piece. Increase once every 24h, with an increase range of 0.001u-0.1u. The rising process continued until the third stage started.
Phase Ⅲ
When the total output of candy reaches 1.2 billion, Candy Metaverse will be officially launched.
After the total amount of candy reaches 1.5 billion, dividends will be distributed, and 90% of all business profits will be distributed to candy holders.